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Positive Strength Based Approach

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Productivity
from a Somatic, Neuro-biological Approach

Understanding and supporting Living Systems

Conflict Resolution

Understanding the Role of the Autonomic Nervous Systems in Living Systems

Traumatic Incident Response and Resolution





  Ruby Jo brings a unique perspective to unlocking productivity, with over 27,000 therapy sessions and years of studying living systems, trauma response, and neurological resiliency, she has been very successful in working with business groups seeking to breakthrough to new levels of ease and morale, resulting in higher levels of productivity.

When an individual can recognize that their nervous system is over-stressed, in a state of fight, flight or freeze, and they know some simple but powerful self-regulating practices that can restore them to a balanced and calm state of being, then they can quickly return to being a valuable member of the team.

When team members understand how our biology and neurology can interfere with communication and relationships, and they know some simple tools for restoring connection and ease, then the whole team is much more responsive and resilient. The technology of regulating one’s nervous system and attending to the living system of the group is simple, respectful, powerful and directly supports the bottom line.

Creating and growing a culture of positive connected alignment within a team, so it’s self-adjusting and self-regulating is both extraordinary and essential in moving skillfully with the changes in markets, clients, and vendors.

Ruby Jo Walker has lead many presentations and workshops for groups and teams over the last 10 years. If you want to explore her offer and your current situation and needs, please contact her via email.


Recent Trainings by Ruby Jo Walker

  Working with Neurobology and Applying Polyvagal Theory
Community Training for Psychotherapists. March 2015
  Understanding Trauma Response and The Nervous System
CME for Medical Professionals, Centura Mercy Hospital. May 2015
  Hakomi Training Lead Teaching Assistant. 2006-2008
  Lead Teaching Assistant in Hakomi. 2011-2013
  Teaching Assistant for Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy. 2012-2014, Phx, AZ
  Teaching Assistant for Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy, 2013 KC, MO
  Teaching Assistant for Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy, 2014-present, Tucson
  CME for Medical Professionals--Understanding Trauma
June 2012
  Community Training--Physiology of Trauma. Aug 2012
(sponsored by VPC)
  Working with Physiology of Trauma. October 2013
  Speaker at Mercy's Regional Trauma Conference Understanding the Role of the Autonomic Nervous System
in Working with Trauma", October 2014


Ruby Jo Walker, LCSW, SEP, CHT
Psychotherapist   •  Somatic Experiencing Practitioner   •   Certified Hakomi Therapist
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